Free Local Registered Delivery with no minimum amount spend for regular priced products! 

Free Local Registered Delivery with no minimum amount spend for regular priced products! 



Buy Mens Casual Polo Tees Online in Singapore

No idea what to wear today? Well, you can’t go wrong with a simple polo tee.

The classic polo tee is a staple in every wardrobe and men’s fashion. They are classic, versatile and can be worn for any occasion – like a weekend out with your family or a night out after office hours with your entourage at a bar. Furthermore, they help wearers look effortlessly put together and pair fashionably with bermudas, trousers and jeans. Pair your polo tee and bottoms with a leather belt and you are good to go!

At Natural Project, we retail stylish and unique mens casual polo tee shirts online and at our outlet stores across Singapore. Our mens casual polo tee collection combines timeless structures and intricate original designs from our resident fashionistas to develop a versatile and trendy range available for purchase online in Singapore.

How to Style

A mens casual polo tee from our range might be a safe fashion choice, but how do you jazz it up? Fortunately for you, Natural Project is the leading male fashion and apparel online store in Singapore. Read on and we will share our tips on dressing up this wardrobe staple.

Firstly, try pairing the polo tee with some statement mens accessories. This could range from a statement watch, belt or casual cap. In adding accessories to your outfit, you can lose the “lazy man” stigma that comes with donning a polo tee. In addition, you could look effortlessly on-point with a few simple accessories. Try browsing our online collection in Singapore for some chic accessories.

Second, avoid flashy colours in the evenings. Stick to flamboyant colours in the morning and neutral tones at night to add colour to your outfit and face respectively.

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