Free Local Registered Delivery with no minimum amount spend for regular priced products! 

Free Local Registered Delivery with no minimum amount spend for regular priced products! 

Crew Neck


Buy Mens Casual Crewneck Tee Online in Singapore

In mens fashion, nothing says “HELLO SATURDAY” louder than a simple and casual crewneck tee. Luckily, you can find the most stylish and trendy ones online at Natural Project. Started and developed in Singapore, we retail a huge variety of mens apparel – from crewneck tees, trousers, button-down shirts and jackets, we have them ready for purchase online with free local delivery in Singapore.

Crewneck tees are the ultimate casual clothing. They are comfortable, flattering and look great with long pants, jeans and bermudas. As one of the top dogs in mens clothing, we offer a huge variety of casual crewneck tees in various colours and styles online.

Browse our menswear website in Singapore to look effortlessly put-together and trendy.

A Brief History of the Crewneck Tee

Did you know that the crewneck tee was developed in 1932 as an undergarment for American football players? Eventually, they became part of the U.S Navy attire. Since its debut in 1932, the crewneck tee has become a fashion statement. Today, these clothing items are a key essential in mens fashion. Casual and comfortable, the crewneck tee can be worn for any occasion and still look great and chic.

As the superior online store for males in Singapore, Natural Project combines timeless fashion with intricate designs and seasoned craftsmanship to offer contemporary masterpieces. Our crewneck tees are the most unique and make wearers stand out for all the right reasons. Rest assured that you won’t blend in with the crowd when you shop at our website.

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If you need a weekend outfit, then you’ve arrived at the best website. Simply pair one of our crewneck tees with a pair of bermudas and a straw fedora for a fun weekend at the beach or in town. Click here to view our collection of pants.