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Trendy Menswear: Casual Jackets and More Online in Singapore

In days of torrential rain and strong winds, you will probably need a durable outerwear to product yourself from the cold. However, looking good and guarding your body against the cold can be difficult - but not at Natural Project!

A front-runner in menswear and male fashion, Natural Project retails a huge variety of male apparel. You can find everything including a casual jacket, denim jeans, formal trousers, polo tees and accessories at our online store in Singapore.

When it comes to looking good in menswear, a casual jacket is a must-have. Not only do they shield you from the cold on rainy days and in cold settings, but they also flatter the male physique and add a hint of edge and style to your everyday outfit. Furthermore, our range of jackets has been crafted using the most durable and premium materials to shield your body against the cold but also make you look cool and stylish. We have military-style, hooded and bomber jackets in our collection!

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Styling Jackets

While it may be a staple in menswear, there are some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to casual jackets. Hear from the leading store online in Singapore now.

DO wear them in cold climates – unless you want to perspire excessively, save your jackets for cold weathers.

DON’T get too daring with colour – casual jackets that are too colourful might be too loud even during the day. They might also be hard to match.

DO size up – casual jackets look better when they are a bit oversized. Make sure that you get a size bigger to make maximize the look. However, make sure that you avoid sizes that make your head look tiny!

DON’T wear them with shorts – casual jackets look better with jeans and trousers. Pairing them with shorts may make your outfit look a bit disproportionate.